Art Classes in Melbourne

Drawing, Painting, Weaving

Private Art Classes – $30 per person per hour
Public Art Classes – $20 per person per hour

Julia studied studio art at Colorado College, primarily focusing on fiber arts, and her thesis work involved an interactive installation of weavings, cakes, and performance art. She also spent four months teaching kids art classes for children of all ages to students in low-income communities in San José, Costa Rica. Click here to see some photos of her weavings!

Julia offers realistic drawing classes for kids in Melbourne, as well as life drawing lessons with nude models for adults. Students of all ages and abilities can try out their drawing skills with gentle guidance in a fun and relaxed setting.

Julia loves sharing her creativity with students, and inspiring them to bring out their inner artist. She can teach visual arts in schools, afterschool programs, and summer camps, as well as do private lessons and parties for any age. If you are interested in learning more about her art and drawing classes for kids and adults in Melbourne, or seeing and purchasing some of her weavings, call Julia at 0452 245 565 or email her at